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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - check out their reviews, travel articles and more!

No idea what to buy your boyfriend or brother for christmas? Don't know where to go for you next holiday? Don't know how to plant a water spinach? :)

Well don't fret, check out all the great product reviews and articles over at where they explain things in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sixth set tennis blog

FIRST serve out wide and the volley crosscourt, chip and charge on the second and the deft half-volley. Sounds like we're back in the 20th century but we're not - Its Michael Llodra the last remaining serve and volleyer.

Michael has seen more success in doubles throughout his career but at the age of 30 has had quite a decent year in singles having won in Marseilles and Eastbourne earlier this year. Last week he reached the semi-finals of the Paris Masters, most probably due to the fast surface in play there, but lost to eventual winner Soderling in a very close three set match.

It is a pity Michael, who idolised Stefan Edberg as a child, has spent most of his career playing on slowed down surfaces and balls. Who knows what he could achieved if he had played in the 90s or earlier.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flora & Koleksi Meksu Sdn Bhd

Flora & Koleksi Meksu Sdn Bhd - Not your ordinary florist, these people can also help you arrange and manage your events for you. However, being a primarily a florist, these people certainly do take pride in what they do best. Delivery is available. Find them on facebook-

Monday, November 23, 2009

Brands- The easy route to make money!

Trust me - People go crazy over brands. A simple, plain white pair of sneakers command a wadful of cash just for having a minimalist swoosh logo on the side. A single handbag can go up to $10,000 just because of its brand.

There are a million reasons why people love brands. They represent glamour, status, a good sense of taste in the owner (or the wearer) and such. To talk about why people love brands could take me a whole night.

For me, the sign that brands are so powerful is that people willingly and knowingly buy fake branded items. Even when the quality is not at par and even when the fake item cost a considerable amount of money too.

Its easy to see why so many people are selling fake items on the internet. The marketing has already been done for them, supply is readily available, all they have to do is close the deal. A lot of people when marketing their fake product describe them as "replicas" although a number of unscrupulous sellers claimed their items to be authentic to make lots of money fast.

(Btw, im not condoning the selling of fake goods, thats just how it is)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

JUZ S.H.U.Z - Designer shoes and accessories! - Offers a selection of designer shoes and accessories at a reasonable price. Luxury brands like Ed Hardy and Jimmy Choo are available for your choice.

Jimmy Choo shoes - Rm380

Jimmy Choo shoes - Rm350

Coloured Contact lenses - RM80

Ed hardy long sleeve's for RM140

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Customers from HELL!! -part 1-

A few years ago i had the chance to work as a customer service rep in quite a reputable company. I learnt a lot from that job.

Among them:

  1. Don't ever work as customer service again.
  2. Don't ever, ever, ever work as customer service again.
  3. People can be mean for no reason at all.

Having a blog-based business means e-mail is usually the main mode of communication with our customers. I find this does minimize the amount of hostility a customer can lash out at us (package delayed somewhere..pos laju lost it..reception stole the package..bla..bla..bla). But generally, i find blogshoppers to be a polite bunch :). As Malaysians i find that our politeness does stay intact in the cyberworld (unless anonymous).

I find that the best way to communicate with blogshoppers is to be very clear in my emails and pictures. To make it simple, i try to make things idiot proof. Just so that everyone is happy and no one feels shortchanged.

I have had one weird case in terms of shoppers online, but this dude was a one-off psycho who didnt even buy anything from me (i didnt even sell him anything, so technically he's not my customer). He (yes He) went to the extent of trying to tarnish my reputation by posting comments all over the place. But thats a long story and i'll have to tell that another day.....

CEO - Chief Everything Officer!

To have your own business isn't hard these days, all you need is a plan and a PC. But being a small business owner does need you to be a jack of all trades. You need to do the sourcing, planning, marketing, producing and even handle customer service by yourself . In short, you can go crazy!

It can be quite a daunting task sometimes. If you have a partner things can be a bit easier as you can split tasks between the two of you. Its best if you can work out each others strengths and divide work according to that.

I remember my small food delivery business from college days. It was the three of us and a whole lot of work! I remember it being a very tiring period of my life where i did the cooking, while the other two would do the rest. Thinking back to that failed business, there were a lot of things we could have done better and a clearer division of roles would have been one of them.

Chomel Cupcakes - Cupcakes for all occasions! - Cupcakes are all the rage these days, you can give them as a gift, share them with your friends or just plain gobble them up all by yourself! Prices are from RM40 upwards.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dimensi Rebana Sdn Bhd - Short courses in aquaculture. - Interested in the aquaculture field? Dimensi Rebana offers you the chance to learn about rearing freshwater fish for business purposes. They specialise in the much sought after and pricey Ikan Ketutu (Marble Goby). This fish usually retails for around
RM80-90 per kilo. Short courses cost around the RM400-500 range.

Ugly but delicious. Very, very expensive fish!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pastelbags - easy going bags and accessories. offers a selection of simple, easy going bags and fashion accessories for the casual user. Prices are easy on the wallet as well, with goods going from the RM20 to RM70 range. Go take a look, you dont know what you are missing!

This one for just RM45.

This too at RM45.

Rings at just RM20 a piece.

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