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Monday, November 23, 2009

Brands- The easy route to make money!

Trust me - People go crazy over brands. A simple, plain white pair of sneakers command a wadful of cash just for having a minimalist swoosh logo on the side. A single handbag can go up to $10,000 just because of its brand.

There are a million reasons why people love brands. They represent glamour, status, a good sense of taste in the owner (or the wearer) and such. To talk about why people love brands could take me a whole night.

For me, the sign that brands are so powerful is that people willingly and knowingly buy fake branded items. Even when the quality is not at par and even when the fake item cost a considerable amount of money too.

Its easy to see why so many people are selling fake items on the internet. The marketing has already been done for them, supply is readily available, all they have to do is close the deal. A lot of people when marketing their fake product describe them as "replicas" although a number of unscrupulous sellers claimed their items to be authentic to make lots of money fast.

(Btw, im not condoning the selling of fake goods, thats just how it is)


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