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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sixth set tennis blog

FIRST serve out wide and the volley crosscourt, chip and charge on the second and the deft half-volley. Sounds like we're back in the 20th century but we're not - Its Michael Llodra the last remaining serve and volleyer.

Michael has seen more success in doubles throughout his career but at the age of 30 has had quite a decent year in singles having won in Marseilles and Eastbourne earlier this year. Last week he reached the semi-finals of the Paris Masters, most probably due to the fast surface in play there, but lost to eventual winner Soderling in a very close three set match.

It is a pity Michael, who idolised Stefan Edberg as a child, has spent most of his career playing on slowed down surfaces and balls. Who knows what he could achieved if he had played in the 90s or earlier.

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