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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Customers from HELL!! -part 1-

A few years ago i had the chance to work as a customer service rep in quite a reputable company. I learnt a lot from that job.

Among them:

  1. Don't ever work as customer service again.
  2. Don't ever, ever, ever work as customer service again.
  3. People can be mean for no reason at all.

Having a blog-based business means e-mail is usually the main mode of communication with our customers. I find this does minimize the amount of hostility a customer can lash out at us (package delayed somewhere..pos laju lost it..reception stole the package..bla..bla..bla). But generally, i find blogshoppers to be a polite bunch :). As Malaysians i find that our politeness does stay intact in the cyberworld (unless anonymous).

I find that the best way to communicate with blogshoppers is to be very clear in my emails and pictures. To make it simple, i try to make things idiot proof. Just so that everyone is happy and no one feels shortchanged.

I have had one weird case in terms of shoppers online, but this dude was a one-off psycho who didnt even buy anything from me (i didnt even sell him anything, so technically he's not my customer). He (yes He) went to the extent of trying to tarnish my reputation by posting comments all over the place. But thats a long story and i'll have to tell that another day.....


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